Friday, September 5, 2008

Meeting Notes

Dear Jane,

Please stop taking notes like this in meetings. It is going to get us in trouble.

Meetings 101: One doodle per page, Jane!

You say doodling helps you concentrate on what people are saying.

They have a hard time believing that when you write "Zzzzzzzzz" under your pictures.

I just think it's probably a good idea to take a little break from the doodling, Jane, and focus on your work.

Your Brain

P.S. I do kind of like this fox, though.


Dan said...

Focus on work? What fun is that. I got to the office 3.5 hours late today and was caught up in about 10 minutes. Isn't that sad? I'm really ready for people to start getting hurt so I have some work to do.

tal said...

i love your doodles!!! you should put them on tee shirts and i could sell them in nyc :) then, maybe we could both buy iphones!