Thursday, September 4, 2008


Dear Internets,

I decided not to post any foot pictures; firstly, because I love my readers and don't want to subject them to seeing pictures of my smelly feet when they're expecting to read odes to bananas; and secondly, because I'm not sure how I feel about my feet being out there, subjected to the scrutiny of people who troll the internet looking for foot pictures, and who probably wouldn't understand that my feet are Working Feet and can't spend all day at the gym trying to look hot for foot fetishists on the internet. Also, I haven't had a pedicure recently.

The back story is this: I took a hard misstep off a curb at the Human Race, and was a little worried that I had fractured my foot. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. There might be a tiny stress fracture, but most likely, it's just a strain that will require a little bit of rest. Yay feet! Unfortunately, I think I might need new shoes - this was my first longish run in this pair, and my joints complained more they should have. But I'm not complaining; I have a feeling that new shoes would still end up being cheaper than a broken foot.

In other news, I love my little Eee PC. I think I'll love it even more once I figure out how to type well on its tiny keyboard. I'm beginning to wonder if I really do have man hands. (After several posts that mention feet pictures and man hands, I'm looking forward to seeing my search engine traffic take a turn for the unusual. I'll keep you posted, Internets.)

Love always,


tal said...

oh god- this post cracked me up! i have such a fear of having man hands since my fingers are so freakishly short and stubby. at least someone else feels my pain!

Anonymous said...

Darn! No foot fetishists will head your way now. Ah well! I hope your foot feels better very soon, anyhow.

Dan said...

Mystery solved. You really had my curiosity up by delaying your foot story for so long.

Teej said...

I love your Eeee!! I want it.