Friday, December 19, 2008

I am a silly goat

Dear Internets,

You know I love bullet points, especially when I'm feeling extra distracted. Things that are keeping my mind occupied today:
  • Whether or not I should start another blog (I have a good idea, but 2 blogs + 2 jobs = too much?)
  • My two week vacation that starts in a few hours (that I don't have to use vacation days for! SCORE!)
  • How much I love the "chocolate milk bath" I made for Christmas presents this year (it smells like you're swimming in hot cocoa)*
  • How amazing my 2 1/2 year-old nephew's communication skills are, even if he sometimes uses those skills to communicate that he doesn't especially want Aunt Jane around that much
  • What I should pack for my weekend mini-vacation
  • How lucky I am to have such awesome friends and family
  • How I wish I had taken better pictures of my friend Lyn's Christmas gifts
  • How excited I am to have TWO WEEKS OFF! I seriously want to jump around and sing and dance. And I'm not exactly the world's bounciest person.
  • How awesome it is to hang out with other bloggers and find out that they are as awesome in person as they are on their blogs.
  • How weird it is that one of the top Google search terms leading people to my blog this month was "meth." Sorry dears, but I do not have drugs here.
I hope your Friday is going as well as mine, Internets. Have a wonderful weekend!


*If I could figure out a way to send the chocolate milk bath in the mail without it breaking and getting everywhere, I would send some to you, Internets.** It's HEAVENLY.
**Seriously... I am open to suggestions.


Karen said...

Aw, you are super awesome too! We need to get together again ASAP! Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth said...

2 weeks! I am jealous. Enjoy your mini-trip, and we can all plan a new gathering when you get back!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i keep trying to start more than one blog, but seeing as i can't even really keep up with one right now, it isn't the best idea for me. what would the topic be? betcha i'd want to read it too, and then i'd have yet another blog to not have enough time to comment on. hahaha. happy holidays! enjoy the trip!

tal said...

so when are you coming to nyc? we could time it with a diaryofwhy rach visit too!!! chocolate milk bath! wow!

Gretchen said...

A chocolate milk bath sounds *divine.* You made it, you say? What's the recipe?
P.S. I freaking love that you have Princess Unicorn listed in your interests. "This ambrosia salad is good, Cadillac."

Samantha Grace said...

A two week vacation sounds delicious! You certainly deserve it.