Saturday, December 27, 2008

New! Now with more falling down!

Dear Internets,

I am still alive. Here are some things I have learned over the holidays so far:
  • Playing your brother-in-law's Wii for several hours may lead to crippling back pain
  • Falling down a flight of stairs can worsen said back pain
  • It is not a good idea to talk to someone over your shoulder while walking down a flight of stairs
  • Hosting house guests, while fun, can make it difficult to get much blogging done
What have you learned so far over the holidays, Internets?



mommyjogger said...

I have learned that when a 2 year old has bronchitis, no one in the house gets ANY sleep.

wanderingtex said...

i've learned that if one person is sick with diarrhea, the next day there aren't enough toilets to go around!

Teej said...

i have learned that if if you go to austin to visit friends and family, you usually don't want to come home.

i also feel your pain on the wii thing....

Samantha Grace said...

I hope your back is feeling better! The You're starting to sound like me.

Hillary said...

I learned that even though you really think that this is going to be the year when your asshole sister doesn't act like an asshole, you're wrong. She will act like an asshole, even though it's Christmas, and then you'll have to tell her she's an asshole, even though it's Christmas, and then there will be tears. The end.