Friday, June 27, 2008


Dear Internets,

So this weekend, I'm going out on a pontoon boat to help celebrate my friend Aaron's birthday. Normally, I would avoid the midday summer sun like the pasty little sea cucumber* I am, but it's a surprise party for Aaron, my trivia team's leader extraordinaire. Aaron is probably the nicest, most laid-back guy in the world. (He didn't even get mad when I convinced him - incorrectly - that Mars wasn't the planet with two moons**, and that it had to be one of the "new" planets.)

So I figure I will suck it up, pack my SPF 75, and brave the summer heat to help him celebrate. It won't be that hot on the lake, right?


*Supposedly, sea cucumbers are nocturnal. Also, I really do enjoy the sun. I just enjoy it slightly less when it's over 100 degrees (Farenheit) outside most of the time.
**In my defense, he was convinced that Io (my favorite moon) was one of Mars' two moons. Since I was positive that Io was one of Jupiter's moons, I managed to convince him he didn't know what he was talking about. I'm tricky like that.

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