Friday, January 23, 2009

Borrowed idea

Dear Internets,

Because it's Friday, and my brain is already on weekend mode, I thought I'd borrow an idea from the wonderful Hillary and tie up some of the loose ends I've left on this blog over the past few weeks. If I leave anything out or if you have any other random questions, let me know. I'll do my best to address them before too much time goes by. No promises, though...
  • I'm glad to know that I am not the only person who hates conflict (I'm especially glad to hear I'm not the only person who cries when people yell at me). Some of you have awesome techniques for dealing with arse-holes.
  • The Wordpress spam filter still hates me. I like to leave comments, and it bums me out to get sent to spam. I always forget to check the blog host, and the more comments I leave that get left in spam folders, the more Aksimet thinks I'm a spammer. So what all that is leading up to is that while I don't want to be a jerky blogger, I think I'm going to unsubscribe from the blogs that still aren't letting my comments through. (If we've emailed each other about this, or if you're a regular commenter on my blog, don't worry. This does not apply to you. I heart you.)
  • The condo ghosts still hate my appliances. My oven is still working (ish), and will go unreplaced for now. My new high efficiency washer and dryer arrive next week. Bailey got overly excited and fell on the (recently replaced) dishwasher door a while back, so it doesn't close properly unless you give it a little hip bump. It still works, though, so I'm not going to replace it. (Take that, condo ghost! Ha HA.)
  • It is still nice and warm in Austin. The high is supposed to be 82 degrees F (27.7 C) today. (Remind me about this next August.)
  • I have gotten my hair cut several times since I first posted about it. So far, I haven't been re-mulleted, and my hair is now quite long. I want bangs, but can't have them since I have curly hair and would end up looking like a French poodle. (One day, I'll show you a picture of my 6th grade poodle days.) So boo for that.
  • Cedar fever is still the devil.
  • I still haven't scraped the popcorn off the ceilings at my condo. It was painted over (surprise surprise) by the previous owners, which apparently makes it almost impossible to get off. Grr.
  • The Universe has not yet sent me donuts. I remain hopeful.
  • I'm still working on that "29 before 29" post.
  • My sister is pregnant! Somehow I didn't announce that to the Internets. So I'm going to be an aunt squared, or something. Woot!
  • Achilles' beer turned out pretty good. The smell of hops has finally faded away.
  • The Roomba works on carpet, but not really on hard floors.
That's as far as I got in the archives. I was afraid if I navel-gazed any more, I'd never extract my head from my stomach.

Have a wonderful weekend Internets!



Hillary said...

nice faffing :)

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

82? im so jealous. there is snow on the ground here and it is freezing. my texan body can't function here!

and as far as the condo ghosts go, you should have a seance. if the movie now and then taught me anything, it's that a seance in the middle of the night at a graveyard really works. so you should try that. :)

Isabel said...

Good to know that about the aunt told me yesterday about an awesome sale on them, but I wasn't convinced since most of my house has wood flooring. Good thing I didn't buy one!

And um, I'm trying to not be super duper jealous of the current temperature in Texas. Seattle is cold and dreary. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

you got tagged! :)

Elizabeth said...

Hey! Your feed had disappeared, and now it's back! I was starting to wonder where you went.

Yesterday was nice and warm, but geez, that sure didn't stick around!

tal said...

i have dreams about having a house with carpet and a roomba.

Anonymous said...

That's good to know about the roomba. I don't have the money for it now, but I've always wondered. Plus, I think it'd be fun to torture the pets with that thing.

Congrats on the aunt squared deal!