Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tagged and Released

Dear Sweet Internets,

I am sorry that I have been neglecting you. I have been all kinds of busy with all kinds of boring things.

However, I did get tagged by my awesome fellow Texan, the Tex-Pat/Wandering Tex. Y'all know I love a good tag (especially when I need to squeeze in a quick blog post, and the rules are so simple). All I have to do is tag five people and list five songs that I like. And we all get to (maybe) discover new music. Everyone wins!

Here are my five songs:

1. Designs on You, by the Old 97's. (You know I couldn't start off with anything other than an Old 97's song. I had to hold myself back from listing only Old 97's songs.)

2. Two Way Monologue, by Sondre Lerche. (I had never seen this video. It cracks me up.)

3. Dreaming of You, The Coral. (An oldie, but goodie. "Pass it On" is another good one.)

4. World Spins Madly On, The Weepies. (I don't think this is the official video, but I like it.)

5. 1978, Salim Nourallah. (This one's for Wandering Tex - a video of a Dallas musician performing in Germany! Woo! Also, Salim Nourallah's collaborating with Rhett Miller on an album this spring, which should be all kinds of awesome.)

Hmmm... I tag Rachel, Suzanne, and Isabel, because I know they like the Old 97's and thus, have awesome taste, and Talia, because she's awesome. And I re-tag Wandering Tex so that she can report back on the best of her findings. And I encourage the rest of you to leave five songs in the comments, because curious ears want to know.



Anonymous said...

Alas... My Youtube is blocked... Damn the electric fence!

Georgia Hardstark said...

I love The Coral, and I don't know many people who have heard of them, so YAY!

Hillary said...

I love the Weepies!!

My 5 random songs that I'm loving right now are:

1. For Emma - Bon Iver
2. Perfect Symmetry - Keane
3. Hey Me, Hey Mama - Ray LaMontagne
4. Rhythm & Soul - Spoon
5. Autoclave - The Mountain Goats

Anonymous said...


i love this music!! i could probably do a 5 song meme for each genre. haha. but i'm so glad you covered the old 97's for me! and the last song: totally awesome.

i will report back as soon as i see some more of these!! only you and one other person have done it. lets peer pressure them! haha

Isabel said...

Like Liam, youtube is blocked for me. Boo-hoo!

Anonymous said...

I *love* the weepies!! :)

Tiffany & Brandon said...

Mmmm... I heart Sondre Lerche. Always will. Did you see his cameo on Dan in Real Life with Regina Spektor? Good stuff.

Suzanne said...

I am working on it...I will post mine this weekend :-)

tal said...

ohh! i love this post! the weepies one remind me of a video i saw years ago about a suicidal teddy bear (lets just say it ends a lot sadder then this...) i've got a lot of you tubing to do!!