Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Wedding Weecap: Pores Edition

Dear Internets,

I met this really lovely former wedding planner from Brazil yesterday. She was hilarious and sweet, but I think I scared her to death.

Nice lady: Oh, your wedding is exactly two months away from today! How wonderful!
Jane: Oh wow, you're right! I hadn't realized!
NL: What a very special time. What are your colors?
Jane: Uh... Well, I think my sister is taking care of all of that.
NL: Your... sister?
Jane: She is really creative with that sort of thing.
NL: Ahh... O...K.... Well, who will be doing your makeup?
Jane: Um... Probably me..?
NL: OH! But you must have someone to help you with [waves hand in front of her nose in giant circular motion] the pores? You must get the facials!


In other news, my plans to start eating healthier and working out before the wedding were postponed. Instead, I battered and fried some homemade French fries. Some of them were sweet potato fries, though, so they count as health food. Since my dress has already been altered, now is probably not the time to start binge eating.


I don't think my large pores have anything to do with my love for frying things.


I ordered different shoes. They are pink and strappy and have 4.5 inch heels. Yes, I realize they are ridiculous. They may get returned. If I keep them, I will likely get some pink Converse to wear at the reception so that I don't break my neck.


We found a photographer we think we're really really going to like. (Thanks for the tip, Elizabeth!)


We broke down and registered. We didn't put much on there - mostly just a few pots and pans to replace our old scary scuffed Teflon pans. I did register for reusable cupcake baking cups.


And that is about it, I think. Do you have any exciting news Internets? What is the status of your pores?



Kim said...

I wore flip flops at the reception. It was soooooooooo much easier.

Jane said...

Kim - yes. I definitely don't think I'll want to keep the heels on.

Anonymous said...

I think it's cool that you're not high maintenence when it comes to your wedding... that's just so lame!

Hillary said...

I wore stupid high heels during my wedding and then ballet flats for the receptions. I would have gone barefoot (ewww) if I didn't have the flats so I definitely recommend you follow through on your Converse idea. Also, I'm pretty sure you should post a photo of your pink heels :)

sleepyjane said...

My pores? Well, they've been better. ;) LOL

Is it weird that I'm super excited for you and can't wait to see all the pictures from your wedding day? EEK!

Her said...

Yay! You booked her? That's awesome!

I didn't think your pores were big, if that counts for anything? Yeah?

By the way, I'm linking to my new personal blog, so don't think I'm some creeper who stares at your pores from afar. Though I could be?

Shannon-Mike said...

People ask me that stuff a lot too, and I don't think they know how to react to my answers.

What are your colors?
Um, just whatever. Any color really.

Who's doing your hair and makeup?

How many bridesmaids?

And on and on.