Thursday, January 28, 2010

"She's only ten!"

Dear Internets,

I was reading STFU Parents (which has become my third favorite thing in the world, after puppies and unicorns) and came across this post.

My MeanGrandma (yes, I saw the world in black and white as an 11-year-old) totally did the same thing to me. Except since there was no Facebook when I was 11, my grandmother announced the arrival of my first period by calling everyone in her prayer group while I sat red-faced in the next room.

Technologies may come and go, but oversharing about your children and grandchildren is timeless.

Happy Thursday.



psychsarah said...

Thanks for the link-that site is too funny. Personally, I was mortified that my mom told my dad when I got my period. I would have killed her if she'd posted it on FB.

Anonymous said...

LOL i'll never forget how embarrassed i was that my mom actually TOLD people that i got it.... ah how awful! it was the END OF MY LIFE i was pretty sure.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the link. I'm sure it will become one of my favorite things.

I was a very late bloomer, and my mom would actually say to my aunts/older cousins IN FRONT OF ME, "Oh no, she doesn't have her period yet. Isn't she lucky?????"

Which, at that age, just made me feel like a freak.

Jane said...

psychsarah - Yes. This has definitely been added to my list of "things I will never post on Facebook."

wanderingtex - I know! EXACTLY!

Rachel - Oh wow. That's possibly even worse.

Elle said...

ROFL - Thanks so much for posting that link, I now have a new obsession!

Oh dear - I'm sorry to hear that happened to you! Thank GOD Facebook wasn't around when I was that young. My mother is on FB now and posts lots. Have to be so careful at family gatherings for fear of her hiding in corners with the camera going 'I'm going to put this on Facebook!'