Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear Internets,

I thought I'd take a break from the rant-iness of the past week to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day.

I made you a Valentine just for the occasion:

It's a conversation heart, get it? (Of course you do. You Internets are pretty smart.)

I love conversation hearts. In high school, my French teacher always gave us a handful of conversation hearts for Valentine's Day. After we translated them into French, we got to eat them. I think she gave me the hard ones on purpose.

Despite the fact that I'm generally a grumpy ogre, I really do like Valentine's Day. I think it's the color scheme. Or maybe the candy... I am a fan of candy-centric holidays. (I don't buy candy until after Valentine's Day, though, because I like to feel like I'm getting a deal on my sugar fix.) Instead, tomorrow Achilles and I are going to focus on eating delicious food. We're going to Lockhart to get barbecue, because Lockhart is the BBQ Capital of Texas and Achilles has never been (sacrilege!).

I am trying my hardest to feel less grumpy about the shady car dealership and the appliance delivery people. I made them a special Valentine to show them my desire to make amends:

Maybe it needs some work.

Happy Valentine's Day, Internets!


P.S. Dear Universe,

I didn't forget about you.



Elizabeth said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Enjoy your candy--I got a head start on mine.

Megkathleen said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Katelin said...

haha those are cute. happy valentine's day!

Anonymous said...

yeah, my roommate got a bunch of the "new" candy hearts from her mom, and they say stuff like "txt me!" and "hot sk8r". wtf? I really like your "fax me".

Maris said...

LOL! These made me laugh. In eighth grade my best friend and I got in trouble because we were writing mean notes on candy hearts and throwing them at our guy friends. When the lunchroom teacher saw, they sold us right out.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this was such a cute post. I love the candy heart that you made for the universe. :)

Kim said...

Ha! The one for the Universe cracked me up. Thanx for Donuts. AKDSFJASLKJFNASLJDFNASJKLFNSADF (That's the visual equivalent of me laughing.)