Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you

Dear Internets,

I took Lola the Corolla in today for routine maintenance (oil change, inspection). I figured that since she recently passed her 40,000 mile milestone, I'd take her to the dealership and get their 28-point inspection while I was at it.

A couple of hours later, the dealership called. Lola needed about $1200 worth of work done. Would I like them to go ahead and do it?

Um, no. Please give me a written estimate. Thx.

When I picked Lola up this evening, I looked at the estimate. According to the dealership, I needed to spend $200 for a new battery*, $65 for a new air filter, and over $600 in transmission, power steering, and cooling system "flushes" among other things.**

That sounded unreasonable (to say the least), so I looked up prices for parts online when I got home. A battery and an air filter for a Corolla (parts that are not THAT difficult to replace yourself) cost about $70 and $12 respectively**. The other services weren't even recommended for a car around Lola's age and mileage. The dealership is pretty much guilty of attempted highway robbery (hardy har).

Never again, Internets. Car dealerships are the devil.


*I thought you were supposed to replace batteries when they died?
**Since one has to assume that the auto parts store would be making a profit selling the parts at those prices, the dealership's price is extra ridiculous.

P.S. I am officially DONE with anything that involves the word "maintenance" or "service" or "call center" for the next several months at least. This is just getting ridiculous.

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Laura said...

I feel your pain! Our dealerships are the same!

Has taken me 5 years to find a decent one - they now call me first and then try find the cheapest parts for me!! And all the men are HOT HOT HOT!