Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Interlude

Dear Internets,

Is it really almost the weekend? I have been all kinds of out of it this week. I blame an inner ear dizziness thing and a week's worth of insomnia.

The high point of my week was seeing my nephew on Wednesday. When I stopped by my mom's house for lunch, he was standing shirtless in the living room watching WALL-E. Charlie is almost as obsessed with the movie as I am. He is also sort of in love with EVE. Whenever EVE would come on the screen, he'd scream "EEEEEVVVAAAAAAA!!!" at the top of his lungs. (My mom and I kept trying to get him to scream "STELLLLLAAAA," but we didn't have any luck.) Twas hilarious anyway.

In other family news, my sister finds out the sex of her baby this weekend. Personally, I'm hoping for cuddly. (I'll settle for adorable.) I have a little stuffed fox that comes with a baby fox for Charlie. I think it's supposed to be a mama/baby fox, but I'm going to tell Charlie it's big brother with his little brother/little sister (depending on the results of the ultrasound). It'll be an exciting couple of days.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend yourself, Internets!


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