Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Things About Me: Food Edition

Dear Internets,

I think the stereotypical getting-to-know-you question (after "where are you from?") is "what's your favorite food?"

I always feel weirdly anxious answering that question. I never know if I should go with something simple, like pizza, or something more unusual, like Indian food. With the former, I feel like I'm running the risk of seeming unadventurous; with the latter, I worry about sounding pretentious.

3. Truthfully, I'm not a very picky eater. I will at least try almost anything, with the exception of certain organ meats. I eat most vegetables and meats. I sometimes get a little squeamish about eating anything that looks too much like it did when it was alive (roast pig, fish that still have their eyes, certain shellfish, etc.) because I was a vegetarian for six years and it's hard to eat something that still has a face.

4. I read somewhere that researchers have located a gene that determines whether or not you like bitter foods. I think I must have the gene: I love dark chocolate, I like dark beer, and I could happily eat steamed broccoli every day for the rest of my life. I think brussels sprouts taste like feet, though, so maybe not.

5. Despite my love for broccoli, my favorite food in the world is probably lime juice, with lemon juice coming in a close second. I add them to everything: drinks, pasta, chili, cookies... Lemon and lime juice are Nature's perfect seasonings. Or something.

6. If I had to rank my taste preferences in order, I'd probably say sour, salty, savory, bitter and then sweet. I like sweets fine, but I don't particularly crave them. Despite this, I love to bake desserts, especially ones that I can decorate. I'm taking my first cake decorating class in March, and I'm super excited. Today cupcakes, tomorrow the world.

Hopefully you won't think my food preferences are too freaky Internets, and you'll still want to be my friend. If it helps, I'd be happy to make you cupcakes.

Love always,


Megkathleen said...

I'm with you about the sweets. I'll take salty over sweet any day.

Losing It said...

as long as your food preferences still include donuts, we can still be friends :)

tal said...

i think its time to invent a lemon lime cupcake, decorated with fondant broccoli!

Kim said...

I think savory and salty would be my first two with sweet coming in at third. Sour would be WAY down there.

I do like lime juice. This Mexican restaurant where I went to undergrad had the best homemade limeaid ever.