Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy 75th Anniversary!

Dear United States,

Happy 75th Anniversary of the end of Prohibition!

I encourage you to celebrate an anniversary that marks a date in history when Americans realized that the U.S. Constitution should give rights, not take them away.

(Also? As one of my friends pointed out, Prohibition laid the foundation for NASCAR. We should maybe celebrate that it ended before it spawned anything else. I'm just sayin...)

Love always,


Elizabeth said...

I would celebrate by drinking...but that's okay. I think I'll just share in the joy that it ended before something worse than Nascar popped up. Ick!

J. Money said...

i did my part last night! althoug i, too, was sick - so had to limit the amount of party-ness ;)

i shall continue tonight though...

Jane said...

I think I celebrated a little *too* much. It was fun, though.

tal said...

i do like the idea, though, of drinking liquor from tea cups...something so civilized about that!