Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Dear Internets,

Two things that make me think today might be a pretty good day:
  1. This morning, I filled up Lola's gas tank for $29. Two weeks ago, I filled up the tank for $41 and thought that was good. I'm hoping I can stick to the "driving less" habits I adopted this summer and save some money.
  2. There was a random sombrero full of candy and whistles in the break room when I got to work.
Two questions for you:
  1. If (hypothetically, of course) your boss preferred your hair one way (the easy, lazy way of fixing it), but her boss made a huge deal about preferring your hair the other way (the way it probably really looks better), which way would you wear your hair to work? Or would you ignore them both completely, and secretly wonder why they care about your (hypothetical) hair anyway?
  2. I'm starting to try to come up with posts for NaBloPoMo. Which would you rather hear about?
  • How A and I met
  • My second most awkward date ever
  • __________________(Insert your question here)
Here's to happy days filled with affordable fuel and random candy.



Anonymous said...

sombrero!! im so jealous!

i think you should write about how you and a met. unless it is totally sappy. but even then its prob still really good, and i love finding stuff out like that. :)

Dan said...

Two answers for you:

1. I, as a male, wouldn't care either way. If it affects a possible promotion or raise, then I would start looking elsewhere for employment. On the other hand I used the hot tub as a bath every day this weekend (and yes I added extra chlorine afterwards).

2. I'd like to hear about your most memorable holiday/vacation, good or bad.

Jane said...

wandering - the candy sombrero is my new best friend. I hope my pants still fit tomorrow...

Dan - It doesn't really affect anything but which one of them looks at me funny in meetings. I'm tempted to just ignore them, but I kinda get the feeling that my boss almost gets startled by my hair when I wear it differently. Probably, I'm just paranoid.

Elizabeth said...

Umm--I would wear it the lazy way, because that's just what I do anyway.

Questions: Favorite Austin restaurants, why Austin is better than San Antonio (because we all know it is), favorite novels?