Monday, October 20, 2008

I voted, and you should too

Dear Internets,

I just got back from taking a short walk to the county courthouse to vote. Overall, the trip was uneventful. [I did witness a woman throw quite the hissy fit because she had to step out of the line to enter the courthouse after she refused to take off her 43 metal bracelets and giant medallion necklace. She kept saying, "What!? This is ridiculous! I never!" (Never what, lady? Set foot inside a courthouse?) They checked her with a hand held metal detector and sent her on her merry way.]

I feel strangely anxious and relieved at the same time. I voted for Obama in the primary; I caucused for him in the Texas Two-Step; I gave money to his campaign; I voted in the general election. The election results are out of my hands. There's not much more that I can do, except wait (and maybe call voters in swing states on Election Day).

It's frustrating to know that in Texas, my vote won't really count, that the state is far too red for one tiny blue dot in the Hill Country to make a difference. All of Texas's 34 Electoral College votes will go to McCain and his bizarre and under-qualified running mate.

I voted anyway, though, because for me, a vote for Obama is not just a vote for "Change we can believe in" but, at long last, a vote for a candidate that *I* can believe in. And that (combined with the hope that after November 4th, I may never have to hear McCain call me his "friend" again) is more than enough.

Love always,


DiaryofWhy said...

What is early voting? I've never heard of that.

But I feel the same way about my (mail in) vote, but in the opposite way: my one more vote for Obama in the blue blue state of Massachusetts, just seems a little redundant. If I was in your shoes at least I would feel like I was doing something.

Yay, good for you!

Jane said...

Aw, thanks Rachel!

I don't know for sure how early voting works in other states, but in Texas, you can vote early (in person, at certain locations) to avoid standing in long lines on Election Day. It's pretty convenient; a lot of the polling locations are even open on Saturdays.

Anonymous said...

I live in SA but if I DID live in the USA I'd also vote for Obama. Definitely.

Samantha Grace said...

You reminded me that I need to get an absentee ballot.

I really hope that Obama pulls this one off. I'm pretty confident that he will, but then again I was confident about Gore and Kerry as well. And we all know the end result of that confidence...

Dan said...

I'm glad I registered in CO since it is considered a swing state. There have been rumors that McLame has given up on CO, but his officials have denied that. This is the first time that I really feel like my vote can make a difference. GO OBAMA!!!