Thursday, September 25, 2008

ACL Fest-trations

Dear Internets,

There will be 5-6 people (and my 65-lb dog) staying at my two bedroom condo this weekend for ACL Fest.

Um, it seemed like a good idea when A asked if it would be OK? (Also, there was a free ticket involved...)

I have spent the last few days furiously cleaning. And by cleaning, of course, I mean making sure that my files are in order, none of my toiletries are expired, and my CD's are all in their proper cases. Because who cares if there's a ring around the bathtub when there is a W2 from 2004 stuck in with the mortgage paperwork from 2007?

(Um, I don't do well under pressure. Ahem. Also, there is no ring around the bathtub. Anymore.)

On the brighter side of things, in about 48 hours I will (hopefully) be dancing and singing blissfully along with the Old 97's. [Dear Rhett Miller, if you're reading this, I probably won't make it nearly as close to the front of the stage as I usually get. In fact, I may even watch from the "chairs" section in the back. It doesn't mean I don't still love you guys. ACL is just hotter and more elbow-y than most Old 97's shows. XOXO, Jane] One of our friends from Arkansas who is staying with us is also a huge Old 97's fan, and A really likes them too. I am hoping the show will make the whole (stressful) weekend worth it.

I haven't gone through and picked out the other shows I want to see. This is the schedule:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Who should I check out? Are there any awesome bands I shouldn't miss? Have I reached the age where the little teenagers and college kids are going to laugh at my creepy old-person-dancing?

I have to miss a big chunk of Sunday because I have to work, but I'll probably appreciate a break from the heat at that point. I was hoping the nicer cooler weather would last, but no dice: highs will be in the 90's (34 C). That's better than a few years ago, though, when the official high was 108 (42.2 C). Mmm.... sweaty hipsters (and hippies - we still have a few of those).

Love always,


Anonymous said...

How many music festivals do you all have down there? Isn't SXSW in Austin?

And now I see you have a second visitor from the Cape of Good Hope! You are just the international blogging diva!


Teej said...

Oh how I miss Austin. I'm so removed from the music scene since I left! I can't offer up many suggestions but I wholeheartedly support your love of the Old 97's. I adore Rhett. Did you ever see the TLC show he and his wife were on? I can't remember which one it was because it was YEARS ago, but I was so excited! Anyway, Fogerty does a good show if you dig old rock, I'm sure Flyleaf will be interesting if only just to see the young crowd and I've heard Gnarls Barkely is very entertaining.Who's have guessed...

Enjoy! I'll be jelous of you all weekend!!

tal said...

neko case neko case neko case!!! and spiritualized! lucky girl! have fun and wear sun screen! also, is that poem for a tag deal still going on?

DiaryofWhy said...

Oh my gosh, lucky. Old 97s and Neko Case! Overwhelmed with envy.