Monday, August 11, 2008

Things that don't surprise me, pt. 1

Dear Austin,

Forbes magazine named you the "Hardest Drinking City in America." This does not surprise me. This past weekend, while I worked at my second job and drafted future blog posts, most of my friends were out on the river tubing and binge drinking.

Most of the news articles I've read blame Austin's student population for this dubious honor. However, as a true native Austinite, I blame MTV's "The Real World: Austin" and "all those expensive condos going up downtown."

Anyway, Austin... Enjoy the notoriety while it lasts. One of these days, you'll stop being so trendy.

Love always,


tal said...

drinking and tubing!!! but wait- does it have men with loads of self esteem/ narcissistic issues??- cause Brooklyn totally has that going for it...

Jane said...

Oh yes... We have one or two or 100,000 or so of those.

SavingDiva said...

I totally have to forward this to all of my "former" friends! :) HA!