Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Alphabetizing my bit sweets

Dear Kitchen Floors,

If you could magically stop being ugly vinyl, that would be awesome.



Dear People Who Were Supposed to Deliver my New Washer and Dryer Yesterday,

It would have helped if you'd given me more than 12 hours notice that my order had been delayed for a week and a half. I might not have spent my weekend running all over town trying to sell my dryer to a lady from Craigslist who didn't have a phone and left me (literally) 13 messages from 11 different numbers.

And I probably wouldn't have spent yesterday evening at the laundry mat, because I'd still have my old washer and dryer.



Dear Jane,

Thanks for spending several hours yesterday reorganizing me. Perhaps you were redirecting your anger at the washer/dryer delivery people into more positive channels? At any rate, thanks! The Home Depot and Container store thank you as well. As does the local economy.

Your Kitchen


Dear Peanut M&M's,

I know that we've been over this before, but sometimes, you complete me. You really do.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for not contributing to the downfall of the US Air Force by eating only the green ones...

Angela said...

The green ones are bad? O dear. If you ever decide to cheat on the Peanut M&Ms I would suggest Dark Chocolate Hershey's Kisses. They are my love and I keep a penguin candy dish on my desk!

Elizabeth said...

Craigslist is amazing, but sometimes getting a hold of people is sooo hard. Sorry about your washer--that's not fun at all!

Kim said...

I have decent looking vinyl in my kitchen and I still don't like it. I feel your pain.

I wish I had a container store nearby. I'd be there all the time.