Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Miss Jane, in the conservatory, with the laptop

Dear Internets,

This is what I did last night:
Hey Homo! Presents: CLUE
Rated Unkown; 94min; Director:Jonathan Lynn (1985)

Location: Alamo Downtown*

Have ya' ever been trapped in a big ol' fancy house in cold weather with a rope around ya' neck, a dagger in ya' back, a candle stick on ya' head, a wrench in ya' teeth, a revolver in ya' face and a lead pipe up ya' butt? We'll I have!...and I gotta say it was one hell of a party! REBECCA HAVEMEYER here sayin', "It's November, Turkey Necks!"..and HEY HOMO! is cordially inviting you to join your enthusiastically ignorant hostess as I emcee the one and only...CLUE at the Alamo Ritz! It's gonna be a night of boozey murder, special guests, chilled monkey's brains and after party shufflin' at Rain! You'd be a sad duck to miss this one, honey! All's I gotta say is...Flames, Flames from the side of my head! Booya!

PS: I'd like to thank RAIN for being our first sponsor so be sure you make it out after the show to hang out with your favorite Homos!

I surprised my friends with hot cocoa while we waited in line for the show. Unfortunately, we got there early enough that the line hadn't yet stretched outside, but I think my friends appreciated the gesture nonetheless.

Clue itself was awesome. I hadn't seen it since I was a kid, so this was the first time I got all the double entendres and dirty jokes. The whole audience quoted along with the movie. (Madeline Kahn pretty much completes me. If the Alamo Drafthouse ever does a showing of What's Up, Doc? my mom and I will be the happiest people ever.) The hosts acted out their own murder mystery on stage before the movie. It was fantastic.

We didn't hit the gay bars after the movie with the rest of the audience (it was a Tuesday; we have our limits), but the night was just what I needed. As I walked down the street to my car, surrounded by the sounds (ZZ Top, Daddy Yankee, jazz piano) and smells (cigar smoke, beer, broke musician) of 6th Street, I realized that despite how trapped I sometimes feel, I really do love Austin.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Internets!


P.S. I was thinking about how I'd write/cast a Monopoly movie last night. Who knew I could be so prescient?

*For the uninitiated among you, the Alamo Drafthouse is pretty much the best movie theater ever. The ticket prices generally don't require taking out a second mortgage on your house, the food is pretty decent (pizza, hamburgers, hummus, queso), AND they sell beer (and wine, and mixed drinks). Plus they host awesome events, like "Ladies of the 80's Sing-a-Longs" and a vampire ball for the Twilight movie. Things like the Alamo (Drafthouse - the Alamo Alamo is in San Antonio) are what's great about living in Austin. (I sound like an advertisement. But I love the Alamo Drafthouse. Come visit me - we'll go see a movie and then sing in the streets.)


Dan said...

I miss the Drafthouse. I still get the updates and all I can do is delete them. Otherwise I would miss all the fun stuff going on in Austin.

DiaryofWhy said...

Austin sounds awesome. I want to live in Austin!

Katelin said...

okay that sounds awesome.

Elizabeth said...

I've never been! I'll definitely have to make plans for that. There is a Drafthouse in SA too!

Anonymous said...

clue sounds like so much fun! i need to figure out how to organize something like that for zee jermans.