Monday, November 17, 2008

Blogs, dogs, and... logs? bogs? cogs?

Dear Internets,

In the interest of not being a total Debbie Downer, I'm going to hold off on posting until my ear infection starts to get better. (I'm a little bit of a grouch right now. Send Achilles flowers.)

I do have exciting news, though: one of my favorite bloggers just moved to Austin! If you aren't reading Elizabeth's blog (or Who's Your Dachshund), I highly recommend both sites. And if you're in Austin, I smell a bloggy/doggy meet-up in the works. (In the interest of full disclosure, Bailey may not make it to the blogger meet-up. He tends to get overly-excited meeting new dogs, which leads to several days of -ahem- stomach troubles all over the house. I think he has doggy social anxiety or something.)

What about you, Internets? Do you have any exciting news?

Have a great week!



lfar said...

Make the meetup soon! I'm only living in San Antonio for a few more weeks before moving back to Canada at Christmas!

Dan said...

My exciting news = Vail opens on Friday! Which is odd considering that our highs will be in the 50's until then.

p.s. I hope your ear infection is clearing up.

Elizabeth said...

We should make it soon! Before the weather gets icy or whatever happens here.

Anonymous said...

I bought a dress this weekend. It's uncharacteristic of me so it falls into 'exciting' right? :)