Thursday, October 9, 2008

You can call me any anytime

Dear Internets,

Lately I have become a little obsessed with old-fashioned (and old-fashioned-looking) phones. I especially like reproduction candlestick phones. I really want one, so that when people call I could say things like, "I've got Herbert on the blower, do ya wanna talk to 'em?"

I also really like princess phones... They make me want to put on pajamas, dust off the record player, and call my best girlfriend to talk about cute boys.

What I would really like, though, is a harvest gold rotary dial phone like the one that hung in my parents' (harvest gold and brown) kitchen when I was growing up. I used to constantly get in trouble for wrapping the super long cord around myself (sometimes I was a mummy; other times I had been captured by bandits; my parents just thought I was going to break the phone). When that phone finally started to get staticky when I was in college, my parents replaced it with a cordless phone with touch tone dialing and remodeled the kitchen.

No one really calls anyone on their home phone anymore though, so I guess I probably don't need one. Sigh.



Anonymous said...

i love rotary phones. :) no texting with those babies!!

tal said...

the next time i have disposable income i am so getting a land line- things just sound more exciting on an old phone!

Elizabeth said...

I saw some really cute black faux rotary phones at Pottery Barn on sale...they might still have them?

Dan said...

That harvest gold phone would have perfectly matched my parents avocado green counter tops!