Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here she goes about Halloween again

Dear Internets,

Today I was going to talk about A's new name on this blog, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I just found out that I'm supposed to dress up as a sorority girl for our group costume at work. [Note: It is NOT a good idea to Google "Sorority girl costume" while actually at work, even if you're doing it FOR work. Actually, probably don't look at women's Halloween costumes at ALL while at work. WTF, SafeSearch??]

It's not such a bad costume (at the very least, it shouldn't be too expensive), but I don't have a very good history when it comes to dressing up for Halloween parties at work. I think I tend to... overdo it a bit.

The Gallery of Bad Work Costume Decisions

Please note that I look like I'm dressed up as a cross-dresser in 100% of these pictures, although I'm only intentionally cross-dressing in the one with the creepy mustache. (I was not meant to be a platinum blond, apparently.)

Please keep your fingers crossed that my coworkers won't think I'm a total nut-job after Halloween is over.



SavingDiva said...

Good luck with the sorority girl costume. Greek letters are the key...and you could reuse the blond wig! :)

Dan said...

Sorority Girl Costume = Uggs, baggy pink sweatshirt with greek letters across the front, skimpy running shorts with TEXAS across the butt. How easy is that? Or you could just walk to the drag and get 50 gazillion other ideas from the pros.

Anonymous said...

That should be interesting! :) Have fun with it!