Thursday, September 18, 2008

Because this is what the internet is good for

Dear Internets,

Do you remember the olden days of the Internets, when having internet access at home meant you were Kind of A Big Deal (and usually, were unreachable by phone for several hours a night while you explored the wonders of AOL)?

We did not have The Internet yet at our house back then. When my sister started college, she let me use her email address sometimes, but the whole internet thing remained a mystery (wrapped up in an enigma, placed delicately inside a question) for several years after most of my friends were "going online."

Then something magical happened. The phone company stopped offering a discount for rotary dial phones, and my parents finally got touch tone dialing. Best of all, I could finally use my sister's college-provided dial-up account to surf the World Wide Web.

I hadn't heard of a "Google" yet, so I tended to just click around until I found something interesting. I never knew what I would find, and I didn't particularly care; my palate for the medium was undeveloped and unrefined.

Web site for an intramural field hockey team in the northeast? Why not?

Chat room dedicated to Kurt Cobain? Sure, I'll take a look.

Winnie the Pooh pictures? Oh crap - pr0nz! Back button, back button! For the love of God, let something else load before Mom or Dad walks in.

It was in those early days of having internet access that I stumbled into a Renaissance Faire discussion board, and onto what to this day is The Greatest Thing I Have Ever Seen on the Internet.

I thought that, in the spirit of giving, I would share it with you today.


Bring me Wallace!

You're welcome.

Love always,

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Dan said...

I am now strangely hungry yet disgusted at the same time.