Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lunch Plans

Dear Internets,

My plan is to go to my parents' house at lunch and upload the photos from my dad's camera from the grape stomp.* However, my sister and her family have been staying with my parents for the week while they get new floors at their house. I'm not sure my two-year-old nephew will allow any sort of photo-uploading shenanigans to go down on his watch. In his mind, when aunts come over it is time to have screaming contests, sneak cookies, and watch Blue's Clues. It is not time to be reading the Internets!**

I will do my best not to let you down, Internets. You have my word.


*It is possible that I have exaggerated the interesting-ness of these photos a bit. Mostly, they are of feet. And cows.
**Vegas odds: Nephew 1, Jane 0.

1 comment:

tal said...

why do i think that somewhere, someone on the internet just got very excited when you said pictures of feet and cows...i hope you are monitoring your internet traffic!