Tuesday, March 10, 2009

25 Things About Me: General Jane

Dear Internets,

You probably thought I had gotten distracted and wasn't going to finish my "25 Things About Me" series. Well, you were wrong. Why do you have no faith in me, Internets?

(Just kidding, you were right. The guilt just got the better of me.)

Anyhoo, I thought I'd use this post to write some "general Jane" stuff, since "re-write 'About Me' page" has been on my to-do list for months now, and I'm not sure I'll ever get around to it.

(Ooh! I just had an idea. Anyone want to guest post an "About Me" page for me? You could totally make things up. I wouldn't mind. It would be a good creative writing exercise for you. Really, I'm thinking about you, Internets.)(I'm so unselfish.)

These here are the basics. Consider the next few posts Jane 101.

7. I live in Austin, Texas with my boyfriend "Achilles," my dog Bailey, and my betta fish Valentino. We live in a condo that I saved for and bought when I was 26. It has mostly been a thorn in my side, but it's nice enough.

For the most part, I have lived in Austin my entire life. (Achilles, my sister, Rhett Miller and I were all born at the same hospital.) I still think of Austin as the small city it was when I was younger. In a way, it is: between different jobs, different schools, neighbors, and my dad's former students, I see someone I know almost everywhere. This freaks out some of my friends who aren't originally from Austin.

8. My parents are still married. I have one sister, one brother-in-law, one nephew, and one niece-to-be. I have two living grandmothers, and about a million aunts, uncles, and first and second cousins. Some of my fundamentalist cousins think I'm going to hell (because I didn't get married young and go forth and multiply, among other reasons). I sometimes joke about this, but it makes me sad to know that they feel that way.

9. I'm 28, but I still don't really know what I want to be when I grow up. Right now, I have two jobs: full-time computer programmer (that's not my title, but that's what I do, essentially) and part-time teacher/tutor.

If you can think of a career, I have probably considered or at least daydreamed about it at some point. (Mail carrier? Check. Dentist? Check. Professional dog walker? Check. UFC? Well, no - I'm a lover, not a fighter.) I tend to look for reasons to do something rather than reasons not to do something. I guess that makes me an optimist, but since I am interested in just about everything (as long as it's non-violent), it hasn't really led me down a finite career path. I transferred between four different colleges, and changed my major thirteen times. I finally settled on French with an art history minor because I just wanted to graduate.

My favorite job of all time was working at a living history museum/farm. Half the time, I worked as a "pioneer," milking cows, doing light farming, etc. The other half of the time, I was a camp counselor and taught arts and crafts to 4-6 and 7-9 year olds. Unfortunately, the city realized that the job was awesome and could be filled by volunteers, and cut the farm's funding.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's edition: How Jane wastes spends her free time.



tal said...

saw this and thought of you:

Anonymous said...

I used to want to work at a living history museum up here in Michigan. That's so weird.

I'm 27 and don't exactly know what I want to be when I grow up, too!

miss petite america said...

i'm with you on #9. i'm 30 and don't know exactly what i want to be/do. i'm a graphic designer and i love it, but there are so many other things i think i would love to try or study.

i hear austin is an awesome town. the bf and i will be making a cross country trip this summer and hope to make a stop in austin! any recommendations on where a couple should go if they have 1 day in austin?

Gretchen Alice said...

That job sounds amazing. Also, I will for real write you an about me section, part fake and part real. Seriously, email me. :)

Jane said...

tal - That sounds like heaven! I am definitely going to check that out. I will post pictures. Or, you know, you could take a quick trip to Texas and we could go together. :)

Kim - Maybe living history museums will come back into vogue? We can hope.

miss p.a. and Gretchen - I am sending you both emails. :)