Monday, February 9, 2009

Growly things

Dear Internets,

Sorry for the crap post. I am sleep-deprived and irritable, and wearing the clothes from the back of the closet since I haven't had easy access to laundry for the past couple of weeks. I'm trying hard not to be super whiny/grumpy/homicidal about (STILL) not having my washer/dryer, since I realize it's hardly the end of the world and there ARE laundromats in Austin*. But it's hard to be upbeat when I feel so rumpled.

You know how there are reasons you don't wear certain articles of clothing as often as others? For example, maybe you have one pair of work pants that looks great with one of your tops, but when paired with anything else makes your hips look like you could give birth to an 11-pound baby without even noticing? And you should probably get rid of the pants, because when you run out of laundry you tend to pair them with a perpetually wrinkly tee shirt and a cardigan and pretend that's OK because the cardigan is black (and therefore professional-looking) and your boss works from home on Mondays and won't see you anyway?


I feel like the anti-Holly Golightly. I want my washer. Or my mom.

If you run into the Universe, you might mention that I'd like some donuts.


*Seriously, Sears Home Delivery is like a bad boyfriend. If they would just ADMIT that they aren't going to be able to deliver my washer/dryer for the next decade, I could move on with my life, get a roll of quarters, and go to the damn laundromat. Yet they insist upon giving me a false sense of hope. Sigh.


miss petite america said...

laundry is the bane of my existence. i have like 50 pairs of underwear just so i can do laundry as infrequently as possible. and i rewear everything at least once.

Anonymous said...

I would not function without a washing machine!!!!

When the lady who cleans for us goes home over Christmas I wear wrinkly clothes to work and I dont care!

Anonymous said...

I have one pair of perfect jeans so it means I have to wash them in the tub if I want to wear them more than once a week. (laundry only happend once a week)

And I hate ironing. I'd rather go all wrinkled.

Anonymous said...

donuts might be a cure all for this. :)

you still don't have your washer and dryer yet!?!? that's ridiculous. you're right--if you know it wasn't coming you could at least make preparations. you're kind of stuck in washing limbo.

Anonymous said...

Can the universe send me some donuts too? I like those glazed crossaint type donuts...

Susan in Lille said...

Positive thought: you live in Austin. Rumply is cool. You look like you care about the environment so much you don't use a drier. I suggest you mock people about their selfish use of water if they say a word about your appearance. They could be the person that uses the last drop that causes the Edward's Aquifer to dry up.

tal said...

i meant to leave this comment before: best simile!