Thursday, February 5, 2009

28 before 28

Dear Internets,

Among the things I've been procrastinating about (blog award love-sharing, etc.) is writing a list of what I'd like to accomplish in my 29th year. I finally wrote down my "29 before 29" post (just two months late!) only to promptly lose it. (It's what I get, really, for always writing on scraps of paper.)

In searching for the list, however, I found an old "28 before 28" list that I made before I started this blog. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had done rather well without actively trying:
  1. Finish the Danskin Austin triathlon (done, crazy boss and all.)
  2. Do a half marathon (dropped out of the training. Oh well.)
  3. Take a vacation involving sand (not unless you count the zoo. I was going to do a triathlon vacation in Galveston, but that was before Ike.)
  4. Start a blog
  5. Learn to knit
  6. Run a 10K without stopping to walk (Done, and while I had the stomach flu to boot.)
  7. Get a promotion (farewell, crazy boss!)
  8. Paint my living room (I think I've come to terms with my need to hire someone to do this.)
  9. Pay off all credit cards (I even paid off one of my student loans.)
  10. Donate to Goodwill at least 4 times (2 times. I did donate various things several times throughout the year, but not to Goodwill.)
  11. ACL Fest (woot!)
  12. Take a self-development class to see what it's like (I'm counting the weird motivational seminar I attended on my birthday. There were pyrotechnics. It totally counts.)
  13. Get more organized (I'm definitely better, lost blog posts not withstanding.)
  14. See the Old 97's (3 times! Almost 4! Am possibly obsessed...)
  15. Read 28 books (Only if you count cheezy "how to get more organized" books. But whatever. I read real books too, so I'm counting them.)
  16. See 28 movies (I'm counting the times I got sucked into Lifetime Original Movies.)
  17. Find 28 interesting blogs to read (Oh lordy. And then some. My Google Reader needs an intervention.)
  18. Learn 28 new vocabulary words (probably, if you count work-related vocabulary.)
  19. Learn a new programming language (high five for nerdiness! I actually learned two.)
  20. Practice public speaking at least 5 times (if you count my second job, which involves speaking to teenagers, I did this many more than 5 times. If not, I did this twice.)
  21. Take a helicopter ride (we were supposed to do this for Achilles' birthday, but he decided he'd rather go to Fiesta Texas. My back/neck would probably have preferred the helicopter ride.)
  22. Go to the dentist (yes, I know, I'm a horrible person who deserves to lose all my teeth. I know.)
  23. Vote for Obama (2 times!)
  24. Caucus for Obama (It was kind of miserable, but I'm glad I did it.)
  25. Make an animated short (I didn't even get close.)
  26. Skip something on the list (7. I'm an overachiever.)
  27. Redecorate bathroom (thank you Ikea. I love you too.)
  28. Host a game night (We did this several times.)
There's the list. I wish I'd made more goals about doing well in trivia competitions or making Halloween cupcakes, but I think I did OK anyway. Soon(-ish) I'll find my 29 before 29 post and pass along my blog award.

I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday, Internets!



tal said...

wow! thats inspirational- its weird how just writing something down makes it much more likely to happen!

Katelin said...

oh very nice job to get so much done without even having the list with you.

Anonymous said...


You officially ROCK.

miss petite america said...

dang! those are some big accomplishments!

Anonymous said...

You'd better pass that thing on!

I need to do one of these. If for nothing else than food for thought. I like the vocabulary word one especially. That's such a damn good goal.

Anonymous said...

those are some seriously awesome accomplishments! congrats! i need to set goals like that for myself. :) thanks for the inspiration!