Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cat lady (likely crazy)

Dear Internets,

At some point years ago, a former classmate gave my name as someone who might be interested in joining some school reunion website. The website got bought out several times, and I now occasionally receive email from Classmates.com. I just got an email that said someone had "signed" my profile.

"Hmm," I thought. "That's funny. I don't remember creating a profile."

I went to the website and looked at my "profile." Apparently, I am single, "don't want kids" and have interests in "board games and cats." Wow! I'm like the biggest catch since Miss Havisham! I just wish "Chasing those neighbor kids off my lawn" was on there.

I can't stop giggling. If this is just a "random" profile, I guess they could have picked less-flattering interests (the choices include channel surfing, hunting, gambling, bluegrass music, snakes, spiders, goats, and still holding a torch for a high school love-interest). But they definitely would have had to try.

However, I'm hoping I had one too many margaritas one night and set the profile up myself. I've always said that the only thing standing between me and a life of cat-hoarding and board game playing was my darn allergies.

Eleanor Abernathy (aka Jane)


tal said...

oh god this is funny!
perfect persona for a high school reunion...

Jane said...

Your comment made me laugh! I posted a poll in its honor.

SavingDiva said...

My profile would say:
Thinks children spread disease
Likes: Reality TV and Knitting
Dislikes: Cooking and cleaning

I guarantee you will get more offers! :)