Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Dear Trivia Team,

Yay! We qualified for the finals! Sure, it was only because the top four teams had qualified for the tournament already, and the two teams tied with us had already gone home. But who cares? Whee! We are winners!

I missed two questions that I should have gotten:

-What city was originally named Lutetia?


-What country's Latin name is Helvetica?

However, I redeemed myself by being the only person on the team to remember the correct answer to:

-What is the only winning poker hand that requires at least one wild card?

Maybe not the hardest question in the world (the rest of you were drunk by that point, I think) but I was still proud.

At any rate, it was very exciting, and I think we should all memorize Wikipedia in the next few months to improve our chances in the finals. I will start with "H."


(Fearless readers: I will write a poem for the first person/people to get the correct answers in the comments. Obviously, we're on the honor system...)


SavingDiva said...

I'm impressed! I suck at trivia!

tal said...

jane, aside from the not liking tubing thing, i think we are soulmates! good luck!!!