Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Breaking rules

I read on a "big" blog once that it's obnoxious to apologize for infrequent blogging. "No one cares!" the blogger said. "You're not special! Most people likely didn't even notice you were gone."

Her diatribe sort of hurt my feelings, as I've definitely been guilty of the near-criminal act of mentioning an extended blogging absence. I never thought of it as being self-important; I just figured it was my only way of letting my internet friends know I was still thinking about them while I was away, even if I didn't have time to leave comments or send long emails in response to their posts.

Still, her comment got to me. Who was I, really, to think that my absence from the internet (or anywhere else) mattered?

Then I realized - who was she to tell me it didn't? I don't blog for approval or attention or to feel important. I blog to connect to the twenty or so readers who feel like old friends. I've cooed over baby pictures, cried over losses, and (facetiously) threatened to cut brake lines when a fellow blogger has been crossed. (All jokes aside, Internets - my wimpy little arms and I totally have your back.) I don't need some self-appointed blogging Emily Post to tell me the rules of internet correspondence; I'll make up my own as I go, based on what feels right to me.

And what feels right to me is to apologize for being absent for the past month or so. Yes, I've been busy settling into my new job, running, spending time with Achilles, writing jokes, and doing a million other things, but there are no good excuses for being a crappy friend.

So, I'm sorry Internets. I can't promise I will magically find a way to balance my new responsibilities with everything else and immediately morph back into the comment-happy Jane you know and love, but I promise to do better.

Because nobody puts the Internets in a corner.

Or something.


Losing It said...

Fuck her and her goddamn blogging rules. I apologize all the time and am no worse for the wear. If you publish regularly, people expect to see frequent posts, so they tend to worry if you're gone for a long time. Apologize and never look back.

bcsmithereens said...

Hey, thanks for letting us know... don't worry about the blogger who wrote that. I don't follow her anyways, and I'm one of the ones that counts, right?

Hope your job's going well, and that the marriage is even better!

How have the gigs been going? Any more videos?

Take 'er easy!

angelasw said...

That other blogger was the self-important one: telling others what to feel, how to write, what to write, and what matters to writers and readers?! omg what a dork. I'm glad you're back, though; I love reading your stuff!

Elizabeth said...

You don't need to apologize ever! But! I did wonder where you were, and I was hoping that all is well. I'm glad to hear that it is.

Vanessa Rogers said...

Wow, I am glad I didn't read that post. I think it would have offended me as well. Nice commentary piece. Hope you find your balance.

Kim said...

I'm glad you wrote--even if it was to politically-incorrectly apologize. Who appointed themselves Emily Post of the internet, indeed?!?!?

miss petite america said...

love it!

SavingDiva said...

I appreciate the quick posts about being too busy to post. It makes a blogger seem real...and that your blog hasn't been forgotten. But you're on the top of my reader...so it's easy to notice when you don't post....and we miss you!

Rachel said...

Ok, I know I read recently the same thing: the you never should blog your apology for lack of blogging. WHERE WAS THAT?

My past few weeks have been so crazy that I don't even remember who/where it was, but thank you for saying fuck that sentiment.

It's way too early on the east coast, I'm waiting for freakin' furniture delivery, I haven't blogged/commented AT ALL because of life happening (as evidenced by my commenting on a Tuesday post on Saturday), and your post just made my day better.

mrs.notouching said...

I just took 2 weeks off and wanted to say sorry and I love you. That is all.