Friday, May 7, 2010

This I believe

I believe...

...that packing well is an art form
...that movies longer than 1.5 hours should have an intermission
...that if I have bad news, and you tell me "everything happens for a reason," I am pretty much allowed to punch you in the nose
...that laziness can be a gift, if you use it to make you more efficient
...that someday I'll learn not to procrastinate so much
...that it's OK to take baths. (Yes, I've heard the "you're sitting in your own filth" argument. I read once that baths actually make you cleaner than showers as long as you don't go all George Castanza with your towel, so I'm sticking to that.)
...that people who still do George W. Bush impersonations need to learn some new material already

What do you believe?


Elizabeth said...

I believe you should never stay up late enough to see the sun rise unless you're writing a paper...and I'm not.

Anonymous said...

Hah! I love these. I actually prefer to take a bath but as I'm always in a hurry a shower just feels faster.

I believe that Mondays should be declared part of the weekend.

And that women should get the first two days of their period off work because DAMN. That shit hurts.