Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today's random thoughts:

I want an iPhone. But I've been with my cell phone company for 9 years, which is like 50 years in people years. I can't just end our relationship because some tarty young phone decides to flaunt itself in front of me.


Even though I'm over my cold, I have been waking up with horrendous sinus headaches every morning for the past week. I've tried so many things - more pillows to raise my head, nightly neti pot use, Sudafed - nothing seems to help. I even read (on the Internets, of course) that standing on your head can help. As counterintuitive as that sounded, I was desperate enough to try it. I ended up dizzy, with a worse headache than I started with.


I tend to be a person who shops a lot before I go on vacation. I am trying to avoid this before we go to Greece. These are the things I feel that I "need" (but probably don't).
  • New digital point-and-shoot camera. I have a camera that's several years old, but the lens cap doesn't always open all the way anymore. You can't tell there's a problem when you take the pictures - you just end up with a lot of blurry photos. The thing is, I could have probably send it to be repaired, if I hadn't waited until the last minute. Also, I could just share Achilles' camera. It has a date stamp setting that can't be turned off, though, which drives me crazy.
  • A larger carry on bag. I really want one of those convertible backpack type suitcases. I hate checking bags. I could probably use a gym bag or something, though, and get by just fine. I'm actually pretty good at packing light.
  • A step down voltage converter. I'm sort of afraid of these, but the last time I was in Europe, my rechargeable items all died in the first few days. Do these work? Do they fry your electronics?
  • New clothes/purse/shoes. There's not really anything wrong with what I have; I really just haven't bought any new spring or summer clothes (and didn't buy new winter clothes either, for that matter), and am kind of bored with my current stuff.
  • Miscellaneous things to keep me entertained/comfortable while traveling. Books, magazines, episodes of 30 Rock, fancy sleep mask/ear plugs sets. I could normally get most of these things for free (or not need them at all) at home. (I feel guilty taking library books out of town, like I'm breaking some sort of law or something.)

Any advice?


Suzanne said...

I bought a Panasonic Lumix 10.0 mega pix, 12x optical zoom (or soemthing like that). and I LOVE IT. I can't recommend it enough. I think it was $300+ on amazon but I was able to find it on sale with shipping for $268.

Hillary said...

get a new camera. seriously. these are your honeymoon photos. it will drive you crazy if you have to look at blurry photos or date-stamped photos for the rest of your life.

Hillary said...

ps: I spent $130 fixing my $300 point-and-shoot and it was not worth it. the entire lens unit had to be replaced because I dropped it and the lens wouldn't retract back into the camera. the camera has not been the same since - the quality of the shots is crap. I wish I'd just written off the old camera (it was about a year old when I broke it) and bought a new one.

Anonymous said...

-whispers- Get the iPhone. ;)

Kim said...

Episodes of 30 Rock are PERFECT for traveling. I know this from experience.

Her said...

A new camera is worth it--let me know if you need any suggestions!

Packing light for Europe is great. We went for three weeks and only took a tiny rolling carry on. Remember that some European airlines have smaller standards for carryons if you're doing any plane hopping there.