Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring cleaning

Dear Internets,

As several of you have noticed, I have a new blog header. I got it from the very talented MiaSpark Designs for a very reasonable price. I heart it lots, and Kayla was great to work with.

I was going to redesign my entire blog after I ordered the new header, but I got... well... distracted. I'll probably get around to fixing things up around here in the next couple of weeks. I want a brighter, cleaner look for the blog. Despite the weirdness and sadness around Austin recently, I really do still believe that 2010 is going to bring about some really positive things, and I'd like this blog's design to reflect that.


[I really want to link to our wedding website right now so you can see how far my website design skills have come in the past year, but it's attached to Achilles' and my last names. Therefore, linking to that site is probably not a good idea. Right? Or is it sooooo 2009 of me to think that way?]


Not much is new with me. I worked a LOT this weekend, which is good for our budget, but bad for my social life. On Sunday, I went to my second stand-up comedy class. It turns out our final performances are going to be videotaped.

That, my friends, is good news for you.

I hereby promise that, barring some sort of unforeseen disaster (i.e. camera malfunction, major illness that keeps me from performing, etc. - i.e. NOT just embarrassment on my part), I will post the video of my live performance on this blog.



Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Internets!



texpat said...

LOVE the new header!! and no, i don't feel comfortable giving out mine and the boy's last names either, you just never know who could get the info, or how someone could link you back to the blog (employers, etc). it may be a little too safe, but better safe than sorry i guess. AND I cannot wait to see the video of the comedy class! how awesome!

Aura. said...

I think that privacy flew out the window when everyone started posting their full name and birthdates on their facebook profile pages. An invitation for identity theft if I've ever seen one!

Your wedding website probably has not only your names, but times and dates and addresses of where you'll be on the important day, so perhaps it's best kept secret. You could still perhaps send out the website link via email to non-creepy, yet still-nosey reader/fans like me! :)

her said...

I want to see this video. And, yeah, I think it is good idea to not link to it. I really regretted having everything linked to my full name, so now it isn't!

mrs.notouching said...

Listen, one day when you are rich and famous we'll find out your name and address somewhere on
Can't wait to see the video!

Kim said...

I'm so glad your class has started. And I can't wait until you post the video.