Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Monday, etc.

Dear Internets,

Happy MLK Day! Since I have the day off, I thought I'd list the top things I've been procrastinating about, despite having enough time to do most of them.
  1. Wedding invitations. I'm not even hand addressing most of them (gasp!). I'm just that lazy.
  2. Filing my income taxes. I usually try to get them done before the end of January so that I don't misplace all my paperwork. I'm about 50% done, though, so I guess this one isn't so bad.
  3. Looking at work stuff so that I can figure out what I should do when I go back to work tomorrow. But that's what tomorrow morning is for, right?
  4. Finishing up the painting/touch-up in the bathroom and living room. I really don't want to put on my painting clothes and/or get messy.
  5. 30 Day Shred. I'd rather not get sweaty either.
The top things I've accomplished?
  1. Perusal of unused vintage postage stamps on eBay.
  2. Setting the DVR to record various bad television show marathons.
  3. The rounding up of several friends for dinner.
I think I did rather well, actually.


P.S. Anyone know of a good, relatively inexpensive wedding photographer who will be in or around Austin in late March? I have had two cancel on me in the past two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Unforch I can't help with the photographer but I wish you all the luck ever! :)

Also - procrastinating is my middle name. Right this second I actually have work to do and yet, here I am, reading your blog and commenting. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Your photographer canceled? That's no fun...

I'll try to think of someone, but you could maybe check out some UT photography students? I mostly know of portrait photographers.

Jane said...

sleepyjane - I'm glad I'm not alone!

Elizabeth - thanks for your help. This is why I love the internets.