Monday, August 24, 2009

I think things are turning around

Dear Internets,

I think things are beginning to look up, Internets:
  • the Universe sent me breakfast tacos this morning
  • I am down to only four hours a week at job #2 (from 20/week)
  • I'm visiting my friend from junior high this weekend
  • Since he got a job downtown, Achilles and I have been able to eat lunch together most of the days that I don't telecommute
  • I am finally learning to type on my new fancy ergonomic keyboard
  • It is supposed to finally start raining and cooling off soon (Austin has *lovely* weather eight months out of the year. Just not anytime between late May and mid-September)
  • My friends and I are planning a trip to Lake Tahoe sometime around my birthday
  • Tony Hale (aka Buster Bluth) has been in everything lately

  • I learned to make fondant. And it doesn't even taste bad!
  • My new hairdresser was able to mostly de-mullet me. High five for leaving the house!
I hope things are looking good for you too, Internets. I think we're all due for a little good news.

Love always,


Anonymous said...

Aww!Yay, I'm so happy things are better for you! ;)

I'm patiently waiting for my good news.

Kim said...

You're out of hiding! Horray! Welcome back to the world. And I'm glad the mullet is mostly gone.

Hillary said...

please may the universe send me tacos?

tal said...

ohh i am so behind the fondant craze...must learn how!!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Oh I hope we get rain soon- this heat is unbearable. And will you share your secret as to how you got the universe to send you breakfast tacos in the morning?

Susan in Lille said...

Congrats on the de-mulletization!
Glad things are going so well! I hope we get some cooler weather too...the Houston swamp heat is gettin me down. We have been getting rain here a bit - I wish you guys would!
We have an old cabin on Lake Travis but are not even going up this Labor Day because you (not kidding) have to drive to the lake it's so far down.