Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm like a square squared

Dear Credit Card companies,

Is it wrong that I kind of like the way you are marketing to me these days? This is the opening from a letter you sent recently:
One day you started doing things differently. Instead of eating, you began to dine. Instead of planning trips, you started planning journeys. And that was just the beginning.
Your offer goes on to suggest different ways the card can help enhance my "lifestyle." With your card, I could upgrade a seat on a flight, get tickets to a must-see concert, and pretty much be more sophisticated and awesome than non-cardholders.

Can I just say - wow! Thanks for thinking I'm cool, credit card company!

However, you are wrong about this little chickadee. I am about as hip as a pocket protector*. I am hardly a frequent flyer. In fact, I still try to get a window seat when I fly, because how I like to be reminded that "OMFG! I'm flying! In a plane! Like, in the air! Yay physics!" And aside from ACL Fest, my friend Margaret's bands' shows, and any Old 97's/Rhett Miller concerts that happen to be close enough (or almost close enough) to be in my backyard**, there are really no concerts that I am cool enough to know about before tickets go on sale.

As for "dining" or going on "journeys" - maybe we'll talk about that after I pay off my student loans. And car loan. And mortgage.

Still, I hope we can be friends, credit card companies. A girl likes to surround herself with admirers from time to time.


*Actually, I kind of think pocket protectors are a good idea, based on past experiences.
**I wish credit card companies could have somehow fixed the last Old 97's show I went to, a St Patrick's Day show in Dallas. Tickets were only $12, so Achilles and I decided to take a mini weekend away. It was kind of a mistake. The Old 97's were fabulous of course; Murray was especially charming, taking pictures of the crowd to send to his little boy. But the crowd? HORRIBLE. For the most part, they weren't even Old 97's fans; they were just reallyreally drunk college students who decided to go to a $12 show before leaving for Spring Break. They were *throwing* things at the band! Unacceptable! Hopefully the free Rhett Miller show*** I see this Thursday at Shady Grove will have a better crowd.
***Yes, I did include that anecdote mostly because it would allow me to mention that I'm going to a free Rhett Miller show this week. I know, I know - bragging is unattractive. I will try to stop.


Kim said...

I love when credit card companies think they know you. What's funny is that if they took one look at my credit report, they could probably know me a lot better before sending me things asking me to take a journey when they know full well I can't afford to do so.

I'd love a pocket protector. But usually I don't have pockets.

SavingDiva said...

Credit card companies always make life seem so much more glamorous than it actually is...maybe if I was racking up credit card debt, my life would be cooler...but I'm too lazy to be cool. Plus, I'm positive I would be kicked out of my grad program if anyone thought I was cool...

Vanessa Rogers said...

I love the Old 97's as well! I don't know many people who know about them, but I got to see them in concert in Seattle's version of ACL.