Thursday, January 29, 2009

Does that make me cray-zay?

Dear Internets,

Someone mentioned this morning that they'd seen an article about the most popular baby names of 2008.

So what did I do? Well, I certainly didn't spend the morning thinking of nice-sounding baby names. Because I am not even engaged yet. And that would be psycho.

And I definitely did not imagine how different names would sound with middle and last names.

Or maybe I did. Just a little.

Oh god, I'm a crazy person.

Love always,

P.S. I kind of blame my current semi-obsession with baby names on my overwhelming desire to know the sex of my new niece- or nephew-let.
P.P.S. But mostly I think I just want to get a puppy and name her Daisy.


Elizabeth said...

Oh god--me too. I always think I have the perfect name picked out, then I think of another one.

You should definitely get another puppy!

Also, would you like to have another meetup soon?

Anonymous said...

I thought women picked out their baby names by the time they were 16...

But by all means don't let your mom pick the names... mine tried to get us to name our daughter Roisin (pronounced Row-sheen)... uhhh... no.

Isabel said...

FYI, this does not make you crazy. It makes you totally normal.

So, what were some of the names? I'm dying to hear!

Jane said...

Elizabeth - Yes! My schedule is pretty open after this weekend.

Liam - Wow. I can imagine how teachers (and everyone else) would butcher that one. Plus, it's only one letter off from being "Raisin." The bullies would have a field day.

Isabel - Hehe. I'm so afraid to say them out loud lest they become super popular. I love the names Chloe, Isabel, and Elizabeth for girls (and that was even before the comments on this post!), and Jackson, Isaac, and Joshua for boys, but it seems like every other baby I meet these days has one of those names. Sigh...

miss petite america said...

my boyfriend is more obsessed with our not-yet born nor even conceived yet children's names than i am. we're not married OR engaged.

chances are we will not go with anything on any published list.