Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Joker laid an egg

Dear Internets,

This just in: I'm still sleepy, and I can't stop singing goofy Christmas songs.

I don't think I can keep blaming time change for my mental fogginess; in fact, I think my daze is a result of the training I've been in this week. I'm taking a course to learn C# and .Net.

Learning a computer language in a week might not be too difficult for the average person, but I have the following things working against me:
  • I was a French/Art History major who thought it would be more practical to take geology classes to fulfill my science credits requirement than it would be to take computer science classes, and thus, I have a relatively small amount of programming experience.
  • My brain is only slightly larger than a pea.
Therefore, my brain is pretty much full. All I have really had energy to do during the evenings is sit around and hum. (Yesterday I did manage to go get my hair cut, although I sat through my appointment in a daze. The stylist could not seem to stop fluffing my hair. "What a great curl!" she kept saying. I left looking like I'd stuck my finger in an electrical outlet.) If I held my knees and rocked back and forth, I'm pretty sure I'd rock myself to sleep.

Jingle bells, Batman smells.

Earlier, as I was humming "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer," I remembered that as a child, I operated under the assumption that the story behind the song was set in Texas. I don't know what reminded me about that, but man, I was one misguided kid.

Nevermind that it rarely snows in Texas, let alone on Christmas Eve, or that I didn't meet anyone who drank eggnog until I was 17; Grandma was clearly from the Lone Star State. I am pretty sure I believed that people outside of Texas didn't have grandmothers and waited for Père Noël instead of Santa. (I also spent an inordinate amount of time worrying about tourists who wanted to "mess with" my state, but that is neither here nor there, except that WOW, look at what advertising DOES to children.)

Hmmm... I thought that I had a point there, but I think I forgot what it was.

I am going to go to bed now.

Love always,


J. Money said...

Finally, someone else who does this!!! I catch myself humming jingle bells allllllllllllll the time, like even in March or July! soo damn catchy.

that, and the Indian Jones theme song...which i really don't get.

Elizabeth said...

No one messes with Texas. =)

Anyway, I am moving to Austin, umm, tomorrow (as opposed to Boston). I think a blogger meet up is in high order after I settle in to the apartment. Do you know any other Austin bloggers?

Dan said...

Just wanted to stop and say 'hi' because I haven't been around for the last week. I have either had work to do while at work (lame), or been away from work climbing rocks. The latter is much more fun.

tal said...

i love the tag "small brain" i think i am going to add that to all of mine!!!
ps. you are def NOT a pea brain, unless peas in texas are also super super big.