Monday, November 3, 2008

Distracted again

Dear Internets,

I went to Target last night, looking for a coat rack* and a shoe rack, and found myself drawn like a magnet to the after-Halloween clearance items. Dog costumes on sale for $4.99? Good news for Jane; bad news for Bailey.

*It is weirdly difficult to find a coat rack in Austin. Do we not need cold weather clothing organizational systems just because it doesn't get very cold here? If you blast us with icy winds, do we not shiver???

In other news, I think that I should maybe take my Obama bumper sticker off my car tonight. Don't worry! It's not what you think. It's just that I'm a pretty horrendous driver, and I'm afraid I'll negatively influence a last-minute undecided voter. Maybe instead I should just give myself an extra 30 minutes to get places and drive extra-courteously, in hopes of influencing an undecided voter with my politeness? Probably it doesn't matter - I live in Texas. Sigh.

I'm doing pretty well on my eating healthfully/being active during NaBloPoMo. Yesterday, my only activity was a one mile walk with Bailey, but I fared better with the healthful eating; I made dinners and lunches for the rest of the week. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep this up.

OK, time for a little bit of coffee...



tal said...

i love sunday night week meal making! it really beats spending $7on crappy food around my school... i think we need to start a new holiday- doggy dress up day. and maybe it should be once a week?

Tamara said...

Try Container Store for a coat wrack.

Samantha Grace said...

When i had to drive the rental car without my Obama sticker, I felt so naked and wrong. I wanted to yell out "I'm not undecided!!! I swear."

Just to forewarn you.

Dan said...

The coat rack thing isn't just in Texas. We even had a hard time finding a decent one in the mountains of CO. Maybe that was the problem... being IN the mountains. The front range could have a better selection.

Keep up with the healthy life! I have managed to eat more shittily than usual this month (ie. too much candy, chicken wings, and meatball sub). But I did manage to start ski conditioning yesterday. I never thought my ass and hamstrings could hurt like this.