Monday, October 6, 2008

Shoes (Alternative title: I heart Zappos)

Dear new shoes,

I had been waiting for you to go on sale at Zappos for what felt like a million zillion years. I was intrigued by your "negative heel technology" and by the fact that you were "vegan" shoes. (I'm not vegan; however, it's not entirely out of the question that I might one day become one: I drove by a truck full of cows yesterday that had the same mannerisms and color pattern as my dog. That really freaked me out.)

You finally went on sale last week, happily (for me) right as I became momentarily obsessed with the health of my feet. I chose "free shipping," expecting to get you sometime this week, but Zappos, being awesome, upgraded me to overnight shipping for free. Hooray Zappos!

So far, I really like you. You're cuter in person than you are on the internet, and the vegan materials "breathe" better than I expected. The top straps are a little snug on me, but I have weirdly high insteps, and I expect that I'll eventually stretch the straps out. I think I like the "negative heels"; it sort of feels like I'm walking up a slight hill all the time - I'm hoping that will benefit not only my posture, but my "posterior" as well.

The only problem I've had so far is related to my clumsiness. I wore you to walk my dog yesterday. I guess I'm used to planting my heels to stabilize myself, because when Bailey tried to take off suddenly, I almost fell backwards - my heels were not where I expected them to be. I bet I'll get used to the lower heel eventually, though.

In summary: I heart you, I heart Zappos, yay new shoes!



tal said...

zappos is the best company on the web- hands or feet down! yay for your new shoes!

SavingDiva said...

So fun! I want a new pair of shoes now!