Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alive, I suppose

Dear Internets,

I'm sorry that I've been AWOL the past few days. I feel like I've lost my blogging muse.

I've been worrying a lot lately about stuff I have no control over, stuff I'd probably need another degree to even begin to fully understand. I worry about the election. I worry about my mom's heart problems. I worry about the economy (should the government be using tax money to buy risky debt? isn't that what got everyone into this mess in the first place?). I worry about hurricane victims that lost their homes. I worry about my friends who lost their jobs months ago and still can't find work.

I donate money to campaigns, I try to convince my mom to take her blood pressure pills, I go to work, I take food to the food bank, I try to be a good listener and a generous friend. I know there's really nothing else I can do. But it's frustrating to feel helpless; I think it's the feeling of helplessness, more than even the worry, that's wearing me out.

All in all, it has been a rough summer for my family and friends. Really, it's been a rough summer for most of the country. I know that that things will get better, and that even this funk will come to an end. I just hope it will happen soon.



Samantha Grace said...

It's pretty hard to focus when so much is going on.

And for the record, I think buying bad debt on the government's part is probably not a good idea, but I'm not sure what the answer is either.

Dan said...

If it makes you feel any better, I will buy you a lolli-pop when I come to town.