Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blame it on Gravity... Blame it on Being a Girl

Dear Internets,

I guess I'd better warn you - this is probably one of the more trivial posts that I've written (this from a girl who writes love letters to bananas). So if you're offended by conspicuous shallowness, you might want to back away...

Now then. It is time for me to get a haircut, so I thought I would ask you for advice. I am thinking I'll get a haircut that I've gotten before, so as to avoid a repeat of Mulletgate.

Here are my options.

Option 1: "Just a Trim" (aka "Famous Last Words"?)

The left is how my hair looks when the weather is not too humid or too dry, and I have some time to "fix" it. The right is how it looks the other 99.7% of the time. It's also Abe's preference.

Option 2: "How Precious!" (aka "My Mom Loves it")

This (well, technically, a little shorter than this) is how my sister and mom like me to wear my hair. The left shows it after it has grown out a bit; the right shows how it looks when (once or twice a year, when I'm feeling frisky) I straighten it. I like this length OK; it's short enough to straighten before my arm gets so tired it falls off, but long enough to tie back. Unfortunately, this means I usually wear it in a ponytail. (And... If I'm being honest, I think it's a little boring.) The other problem is that it sometimes has a tendency to do this:

Gah! Triangle hair!

Option 3: "My Favorite" (aka "My Favorite")

This was the post-Mullet haircut. It usually looked pretty close to this, because it was short/healthy enough not to frizz. Downsides - I can't really straighten it without looking like Keith Urban, and I can't wear it in a ponytail or sad little French twist. Also, my sister seems to truly hate it, but won't tell me why, because she's afraid of hurting my feelings. (Is it the 20-something version of Big Dallas Hair or something and I just don't realize it?)

Anyway Internets... I appreciate your input. Please let me know what you think!

Love always,


tal said...

i like both option 1 and 2 best, all are pretty ...ponytails keep the industrialized world running! no shame in that!

Louise said...

I like it when curly haired girls go short, and live it up! I vote for a version of number 3.

(btw: I can't ever get my comments to show up and am now reverting to an old google address. Here's to hoping it actually works)