Friday, March 16, 2012

Chicks, man

Howdy Internets. Nothing is really new in my life. I probably watch too much television. Here are some pictures of the chickens:


poptartyogini said...

These are so random!! Are they your chickens? I know I watch too much tv. I should probably be embarrassed but I'm kind of proud

kim said...

Someone near us that lives behind the park has chickens. They're yellow and gray. I keep trying to get Brooklyn to care about them, but she just seems to take it all in stride. "Oh, some chickens. Okay...that's totally normal in suburban metro Detroit."

She cares more about the dogs in that yard than the chickens.

Jane said...

@poptartyogini - yep, these are our chickens. I should spend more time with them than I do with the TV, but I also love the TV.

@kim - Bailey has learned to leave them alone. I wouldn't trust him alone with them for long, but he does pretty well.