Thursday, March 22, 2012

2nd Anniversary - Cotton

Almost two years ago, Abe and I got married. One of our favorite pictures from the day was this one:
photo by (and mustaches courtesy of) Melanie Dodds Photography

Since the traditional second wedding anniversary gift is cotton, I decided to design a t-shirt for Abe. Here's how it turned out. (Artwork by me, printing by CustomInk.)
Finished shirt

Close-up of design

How awesome is this wrapping paper? Half Price Books!

Even though I'd like to consider myself a competitive gift-giver à la Leslie Knope, I suck at waiting to give people gifts, so I gave Abe his shirt about ten minutes after the mailman delivered it.

He approved.

And because it wasn't too much more (and I already had the credit card out) I got one for me, too.
I'm threatening to force Abe to wear the shirts every time we go on vacation so we look like we just stepped off the weirdest most awesome tour bus ever.

Happy Distractible Household Anniversary everyone! Have a great weekend!


Diary of Why said...

Not only are you cute as the dickens, you're talented to boot! But we already knew that.

Congrats to the Mustache family. :)

Gretchen Alice said...

I freaking adore this. Happy anniversary!

Crystal said...

What a great idea for a wedding anniversary gift! You both look so adorable in them!

Happy Anniversary :)

poptartyogini said...

Go march anniversaries!! Mine was the 15th. We aren't as creative as your shirts though (awesome by the way). We are replacing our ceiling fan. Here's to another terrific year!

Katelin said...

what a great idea, those are so cute! happy anniversary!

kim said...

AWESOME! I love that gift! They're adorable. You're so damn talented.

Congrats on two years! Here's to many many more!

Kimberly said...

Happy Anniversary to you too. :)