Monday, January 30, 2012

My favorite things

I always love blog posts about people's favorite things, so I thought I'd share some of my own favorites of the moment.

1. Favorite winter addition (and possibly my favorite thing in the world right now):
My sherpa blanket from Costco. It has a super soft, fluffy, fake sheep side, and a velvety reverse. I bought one on impulse, and have regretted not buying them all ever since. I have had dreams that I found these on sale and bought all of them. I love this blanket so much. I hope Costco rotates them back in next season.

Runner up: the ultra soft bamboo sheets and memory foam pillow my mom gave us for Christmas. Being in bed is like being wrapped in a warm, soft cocoon. Love...

2. Favorite technology product:
My Book Book case for my MacBook Pro. My MacBook Pro is sort of large, so the Book Book case makes it look like I'm carrying around a giant ledger. It's amazing. My friend has a Book Book case for her iPhone; people always ask her why she's carrying around a tiny Bible.

Runner up: my iPhone 4S. I may be required to use Apple products for work, but my love for my iPhone runs deeper than any filial respect for my employer's product choices. My iPhone 4S was my first foray into smartphone territory, and I fear I'll never look back.

3. Favorite vegetable currently in season in Texas:
Leeks have a really nice, delicate flavor. I like to put them in soup. They're usually a spring or summer vegetable, but Texas benefits from milder winters.

Runner up: Kale. It's sweeter and milder than a lot of leafy greens. I like to lightly saute it with a little minced garlic.

4. Favorite TV Show:
There is no contest here. Team Knope all the way. I love scripted television more than a person should. I love this show more than I should. It is the best ever.

Runners up: I am afraid to list all of the runners up lest you realize exactly how much television I actually watch. I particularly love 30 Rock, New Girl, Raising Hope, and Being Human. We'll pretend that's all I watch.

I am off to enjoy the first of three days off work now. Days off work = perhaps my favorite thing of all.

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Kim said...

PARKS AND REC!!!! YES!!!! I love this show. I could go on for hours and hours about it. How April makes me smile. How Andy is hilarious. How I want to work at Entertainment 7twenty. How Ron Swanson is my hero.

I want one of those blankets now desperately.