Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Muppets and Pageant Hair

Hola Internets!

I got my hair cut today, so I currently have pageant hair.

Not much else is new. My friends and I had a gift exchange this weekend, and my friend (who is obsessed with the Muppets) asked for something homemade, so I made her these:

I molded them out of modeling clay, and then painted them:

Here they are individually:

I put them in a Kermit lunchbox with some soaps from Anthropologie, OPI nail polish in Gettin' Miss Piggy With It, and a Simple Diary.

She almost cried when she opened the ornaments, which means I think I won the gift exchange. (What's that you say? Gift exchanges aren't a competition? Pshaw.)

My friend Ashley also won the gift exchange by giving me Uni-corn corn holders, a cross-stitching of a text she sent me that says "You are the Ann to my Leslie," and a One Line a Day Diary:
Unicorns, a Parks & Rec reference, and a non-traditional diary? You had me at unicorns.

We are headed to Hanukkah dinner now, so I'll have to save pictures from my other (more horse mask-focused gift exchange) for later.

Happy holidays Internets!

P.S. The Muppets were inspired by these most magnificent Cake Pops.

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Kim said...


First of all, I'm jealous of your skills.

Second of all, I'm jealous of your friend that got them because I wan them.

Third of all, you should sell that stuff on Etsy. You'd make a killing.