Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year! (Now with less stomach virus!)

I spent the last week or so of 2011 in bed with some sort of stomach bug. It made me feverish, achy, and interested only in listening to Alec Baldwin's podcasts and episodes of Radiolab. I'm sure my inner high-school-student-finishing-a-term-paper could turn the experience into some sort of metaphor that captured the essence of the entire year, but my outer 31-year-old is too lazy for that. Being sick during the holidays sucked, but I feel better now. End of story.

I'm feeling pretty positive about 2012. Like most people, I'm planning to be healthier, funnier, happier, and more productive. Whether I'll achieve those goals remains to be seen, but it's nice to have a more positive outlook for a change. I even took down the Christmas tree before New Year's and finally scheduled a lady doctor appointment like a real adult.



Kim said...

a lady doctor appointment. ha. that made me giggle.

Happy New Year, friend!

Katelin said...

oy. glad you're feeling better. and woo to 2012 and positive things. wee.