Thursday, January 27, 2011

Musings of the museless

With all my free time I have this week, I should really be doing nothing but writing (comedy, blog posts... something!), but it hasn't worked out that way. I choose to blame my spotty internet connection and the fact that I store all of my documents "in the cloud." (I'm also really nervous that I'm not going to get this all straightened out before I start working from home next week, so I've spent a lot of time biting my nails and/or on the phone with various tech support people.)

No ability to focus = random thoughts. On to the bullet points!
  • I took my nephew with me to the feed store this morning so that I could make sure they sold the breed of chicks I'm hoping to get. (They do.) Charlie seemed a little afraid of the baby chicks and ducklings, but wanted to run onto the loading dock to get a better look at the heavy lifting equipment. Little boys are funny. I bought him a cap gun, because it seemed like the most irresponsible thing in the store (aside from the heavy lifting equipment). I imagine that when Abe and I have kids, payback will not be fun.
  • My friend's dog had puppies. As much as I want to go sit in a box full of puppies and have them climb all over me, I think instead I'm going to send her my thoughts on dog breeding and ask her if she feels comfortable discussing the issue with me. Hopefully, she won't breed her dog again.
  • We have had some interest from renters about our condo, which is kind of a relief and a stressor at the same time. I'm too young to be a landlady!
  • I was almost run over by a speeding FedEx truck today while taking in the recycling bin. The driver saw me at the last minute and swerved out of the way. My father and Charlie drove up just in time to witness the almost-accident. It turned out the truck was delivering a package to my parents' house down the street. The box contained carpet tiles for Abe's and my garage, which my dad wanted to install as a surprise. What do you call almost-horrible-dramatic irony?
  • Our dryer hasn't been hooked up yet, so I've been hanging everything to dry. Honestly, I can't tell a difference between clothes I've hung to dry and clothes that have been dried in a dryer. I'm beginning to wonder if my clothes dryer is a "convenience" that isn't necessarily always more convenient. I am all about skipping steps, especially when laundry is involved.
  • I need to post pictures of our house. It is sort of half-finished. The outside is being painted today, which will hopefully make it look less peel-y. We still have somuchwork. I'm remembering why owing a condo sounded so appealing.
Anyhoo, hope all is well in your neck of the woods, Internets. I think it might be nap time again.


Kim said...

The puppy thing is so difficult. Playing with puppies is the best anti-depressant there is (along with playing with kittens). But at the same time, I'm SOOOO on your side about the whole BYB thing.

Lindsey said...

Don't feel bad, I'm always one to buy my nephews the loudest most obnoxious toys I can find. It makes them happy and I like to see them happy. But my sister....ummm not so much. I'm pretty sure payback will be hell.

Good luck with the house. We're in the process of house hunting as we speak. Makes me nervous!

Anonymous said...

We don't have a dryer (they aren't too common in Germany) and I have to say I love line drying! Especially when the weather is nice, the clothes smell really great after sitting in the sun for a while. The downside is I used to use my dryer to de-wrinkle things, and now I'm stuck with an iron. haha.
-texpat (I can't get openId to work?)

Elizabeth said...

Houses can be so stressful, but it sounds like things are coming along! I hope you find a stress free tenant--I know they're out there.