Sunday, January 30, 2011

Greener thumbs and pastures

I just accidentally "marked all as read" in Google Reader. It was super frustrating (but oddly strangely liberating at the same time). I hope I didn't miss anything important on the Internets. I pride myself on my blog stalking.


I start my new job tomorrow. Yikes!


Does you know of any good landscaping blogs? (As in the garden part of "home and garden," not personal grooming.) I have found more home design blogs than I have time to read, but my only inspiration for gardening at the moment is an old DVD of The Secret Garden. I'm not sure that Abe can stand listening to me wander around saying, "I'm in the gahhhhden... with Co-linnn...." so any suggestions are appreciated.


Have a great week!


Hillary said...

Have a wonderful first day at work! You are going to rock it :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I LOVED The Secret Garden. LOVED it. Sadly I don't know of any landscaping blogs. :/

Also, good luck on your first day!